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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 6, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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a deadly crime in a quiet bay area community, what we now know about a triple homicide in rural sonoma county. and the post office is making a drastic cut to their post office, to save money, we will have more coming up. stay tuned. w
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the u.s. postal service makes a drastic move to save money. we'll have live coverage of the news conference about to get underway. >> reporter: an investigation into a triple homicide here in sonoma county moves into the second day. coming up we'll show you where all of this happened and we'll tell you what police are saying. the police released the last known photos of that teenaged girl found dead in a bay area park. new information is about to be leased. police in palo alto are sitching for a man wanted -- searching for a man wanted for a frightening crime. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, february 6th. we begin with continuing coverage of a deadly crime in
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rural west sonoma county. sheriff deputies are still on the scene of a triple homicide. officers found the bodies of three men inside a small home in forestville. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live from outside of the home to let us know what sheriff deputies reveal. it's not much, is it, claudine? >> reporter: no. we're still waiting for more information. this investigation still getting underway. we do have daylight now so we can give you an idea of where this happened. behind me, that's the mobile command center that's parked at the neighbor's home. there are some neighbors here. we're gonna walk you down the driveway. there's only one way in and out of this home. you can see the crime scene tape is up as we walk you up the driveway that goes from asphalt to dirt. there are two sheriff deputy cars that we can see from our
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vantage point. and you can see the car way off in the distance there. we know this area has been busy through yesterday afternoon. let's take you through what we know from police. police tell us that the three men were found shot to death in a back bedroom of the small home. apparently, the brother of one of the victims was looking for him yesterday after not being able to get ahold of him on the phone for a few hours. they ended up at this home on roth station road. that's when they called police. as far as what happened, we don't know. but police say this does not appear to be random. >> there did not appear to be a struggle. they died of gunshot wounds. >> kind of an execution style? >> i'm not gonna discuss that? >> a murder-suicide at all? >> no, it's not a murder- suicide. >> reporter: but what it is,
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well, that's still unclear. from newschopper2, another look at the area where you can see -- so you can see where this house is located. obviously, because it's set back a little bit, it's unclear how much could be heard. there are reports that neighbors heard commotion earlier in the day but it was a popping noise, burning something. we're still trying to get confirmation on that. when our crew left late last night, we're told the coroner would be here sometime today. when we arrived about 4:00 this morning, we're told maybe the coroner had already come and gone. it's been very quiet here and we'll keep you updated on "mornings on 2." live in sonoma county, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the u.s. postal office is announcing a proposal to stop saturday mail service as a way to cut costs. let's listen in. >> a financial loss of $15.9
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billion. by any measure that's unsustainable and unacceptable. another $15.9 billion loss, another 11 was due to the amount we were obligated to pay the treasury to fund retirement benefits. we had to default on those payments because we did not have the funds. the postal service is expected to operate like a business. we generate all of our revenue from the sale of postal -- postage. we take no tax dollars. but we don't have the ability to reduce costs in a way that a private business would. we're at the end our borrowing authority. to give some perspective of our liquidity, a typical business would have cash on their hands, two months of cash to dover operating cost -- cover operating costs. in october, we had less than
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four days of cash on hand. that's a very scary situation and no situation a business should be in. that's why we've taken these aggressive steps. while we've been so vocal about seeking about -- >> once again, you've been listening live to a press conference underway by the u.s. postal service. they are announcing they will no longer deliver first-class letters on saturday, starting august 1st. but they will continue to deliver packages and mendcations. this plan -- pledcations. this plan is -- medications. the postal service lost $16 billion last year. they still have a lot of work to do to save more money. our washington, d.c. newsroom is monitoring this postal service press conference. coming up at 7:15, we will find out more information from exactly what the -- what the cuts are the postal service is proposing and what will not
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change. all right. 7:06. our washington, d.c. newsroom is keeping an eye on all of that. in other news -- a court hearing will be held for the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar. that's an toe lin garcia- torres. he's expected to -- antolin garcia-torres. he's expected to enter a plea. his dna was found on her clothing. he's accused trying to carjack and kidnap three women from grocery store parking lots back in 2009. police in palo alto are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a young girl monday night. she was riding her back in the 1600 block of emmerson street. ktvu's alex savidge is in palo alto. >> reporter: this girl was able to give police quite a bit of information.
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the 11-year-old girl, riding her bike here along the 1600 block of emmerson street in palo alto. when she tells police a man approached her, starting cursing at her and grabbed her arm as she rode past. the girl screamed and pedaled faster. this is a sketch of the man. he's a white man, 5'9" to 6 feet tall, 140 to 160 pounds. now, this all happened on monday, about 5:30 in the afternoon. police say the man didn't follow the girl but yelled that he was going to kidnap her. the girl rode away, she went home and told her parents what happened and obviouslily they called police. the man was last seen running north on em herson. they searched this area and they were unsuccessful trying to find the man. in response to what happened, palo alto police will be increasing their patrols in this area. this is an upscale neighborhood. as we look around here, they will have both marketed an
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unmarked patrol -- marketed and unmarked patrol unit -- marked and unmarked patrol units. i spoke with a dispatcher and i was told we could get some more information from one of their spokespeople. an 11-year-old girl has a run- in with a man who tried to grab her. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. 7:08. want to check in with sal, see what's what's on -- see what's happening on the roads. >> this is contra costa county with a crash. on treat boulevard, watch for slow traffic coming from concord to walnut creek. after that, though, the traffic is doing well. if you get on the freeway in walnut creek, the traffic is better. westbound 80, we had reports of 80 westbound, involving a motorcycle but the chp is not reporting it.
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in richmond near central, we're trying to find it. hopefully it's not there. but we'll keep an eye on it for. and the tell's slide area. highway 1 at devil's side -- devil slide area. highway 1, devil's slide. they are blocking a lane there. there's only two lanes there. so they have to do traffic control. let's go to the toll plaza, the traffic is backed you for about a 15-minute minute delay before you make it on the span itself. this morning's commute in san jose, that's off to a good start. northbound 280 traffic is doing well. all lanes have just reopened at devil's slide. so that's good news. let's go to steve. colder this morning. mostly clear. a few low clouds around. yesterday was coastal variety. it's colder this morning. it's going to get colder. a lot of sunshine. increasing clouds tomorrow. rain develops, not a lot.
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a little bit. we haven't had rain since january 23rd. we could use a lot more. there are hints, again, i'm out there on the 15-day outlook, of undercutting of the jet and emerging of the polar jet if that happens, we'll go from very try to very wet. clear skies after some of that patchy low fog deck is around. the system from yesterday, holding together, moving across four corners there. our system will be here tomorrow morning for the north bay. yesterday was 40s to 50 because of that cloud cover. today it's 30s and 40s. half moon bay, 41. santa rosa is 32. napa 33. 30s for many, many locations. a lot, lot colderthis morning. today, though, sunny, upper 50s. a little bit of a northwest direction on the breeze. coast, some of the higher elevations dealing with a bit of a breeze. it will be sunny and nice. then tomorrow bring in light
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rain. about .500 to .03. 50s to near 60. we lose the coastal fog. 57, 59 to about 55, 60. everyone will be pretty close on the temperature range today. tomorrow we cloud it up, bring in some rain. we could use it. that's for sure and then the really cold air -- i mean, it's going to be very brisk around here on friday. saturday looks cold and then windy, sunday. thank you, steve. the search continues for survivors after a tsunami in the solomon islands. it hit yesterday afternoon following an 8.0 earthquake in the south pacific. the tsunami triggered warnings to fiji, australia and new zealand. fiji's sirens sent hundreds of people to higher ground and away from the coast. no damage has been reported and attention has turned to helping people in the solomon islands. >> we're waiting to get information to the damage done
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in santa cruz. we're very eager to assist if the government of the solomons thinks australia can help. >> several low-lying villages are believed to have suffered the most damage and that's where rescue crews plan to focus their efforts. this is new video we just got a few minutes ago of waves surging onto the coast of the solomon islands. after the earthquake officials urged people to seek higher ground. they say five people are dead, including a 10-year-old boy. >> wow, tori. 7:12. there was an attack at a mexico resort. how close the police are to making an arrest after six women were raped and why one woman was spared. more trouble for lance armstrong. the latest criminal investigation involving the disgraced former cycling champion.
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except for some patchy low
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clouds, it's clear. a little bit chilly out there. it will get colder. it will be sunny and nice. highs in the 50s. believe it or not we'll be talking about rain tomorrow. police in mexico now say there is enough evidence to track down the suspects who raped six tourists in acapulco. early monday morning, police say five masked men forced their way into a home being rented by six spanish men, six spanish women and one mexican woman. police say the men were tied up with cell phone cables and the six spanish women were raped. the mexican woman says the men spared her because she is mexican. according to the "new york times" the cia uses a remote base in saudi arabia to conduct strikes against al qaeda militants in yemen. this is considered politically sensitive. al qaeda and other militants group have used saudi arabia's
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close working relationship with the u.s. to criticize saudi leaders. some members of congress are looking to limit the government's authority to use the unmanned drones to kill suspected terrorists. it follows the release of a new report from the justice department that says it would be lawful to target and even kill a u.s. citizen if the person is suspected of being a terrorist. 7:16. just minutes ago -- you saw it live -- the u.s. postal service officially announced plans to stop saturday mail deliveries. kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. bureau to tell us how soon these changes will take place. kyla? >> reporter: well, the postal service plans to eliminate the saturday delivery of first- class mail starting the week of august 5th. we'll take a live look at the press conference. it continues at this moment. the services will consist of six days of package delivery and five days of mail delivery.
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the postal service says packages, medicine and priority mail will still be delivered on saturday. the u.s. postal service has been hemorrhaging billions of dollars a year. they've tried to cut costs. in past, the congress argued that they needed their approval to cancel this. but lawyers say they found a way around this. and the move to pay $2 billion a year. >> since 2008, we've seen a steady decline in the use of u.s. first-class mail. but people pay their bills online. it's simple, easy, free. >> reporter: we'll hear more on how the postal service plans to move forward with these changes when i see you next. live in washington, d.c., kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up at 7:32. ktvu's brian flores is out. he will tell you how bay area people are reacting this
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morning to the news about these changes coming to the u.s. postal service. 7:18. new this morning, defense secretary leon panetta is speaking at georgetown university in washington, d.c. about leadership and public service. he talked about what he calls the most urgent task facing this nation. >> this is overcoming. the partisan dysfunction in congress that poses a threat to our quality of life, to our national security, to our economy, to our ability to address the problems that confront this country. >> the 74-year-old panetta told president obama he did not want to continue on for the president's second term because he wanted to return to his walnut ranch in monterey. later today, president obama will announce his nomination for interior department secretary to replace
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ken salazar. reportedly, the president will nominate business executive sally jewel. she's ceo of the outdoors company rei. jewel is the first woman to be nominated for his second cabinet. president obama is expected to make a personnel announcement at 11:00 a.m. this morning at the white house. it appears that lance armstrong's televised apology did not sway uncle sam. government prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation of the disgraced cyclist. last month, lance armstrong confessed to oprah that he took performance-enhancing drugs to win his sixth tour de france titles. he also said he bullied his teammates to help cover up his doping. federal agents are now investigating armstrong for obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation. back here at home, richmond is in the running for a big grant from the u.s. department of justice. six cities from all over the country will be given $1 million each. richmond city council approved
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hiring a consultant to develop and submit that grant application by the end of this month. that money has to be used to revitalized distressed neighborhoods that have problems with crime. 7:20. the man accused of killing an activist from east palo alto three years ago is scheduled to get out of of jail today. gregory elams is charged in the fatal shooting of david lewis outside of the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo in 2010. those charges were dismissed last november when a judge found that police had illegally obtained a confession. the judge granted elam's release on the promise he will return for a future court date. a plea hear something set to resume for four defendants who face charges for killing this man. raven dixon appeared in court on monday accused of supplying information to the three other suspects to help them with the robbery of kumar's home.
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the other three defendants face murder and robbery charges in connection with kumar's killing. 7:21. a story about a young woman who talked too much in court. she talked back to a judge in florida and ended up getting punishment she didn't quite expect. >> did you say [bleep]? >> actually -- >> did you say that? >> yes, sir. >> i did. i find you in criminal contempt. 30 days in jail. >> yep. she gets a month in jail after she flipped off the judge and -- well, she said something, too, tori. he just ordered her to be held on $10,000 bond. she's been charged with possession of the drug xanax. the judge first ordered her on $5,000 but her responsive -- but her sarcastic response, she said adios, prompted the judge to hike up the bail. it's a word we've not heard in the forecast for a long time
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and that's "rain." up next, steve paulson will pinpoint when we'll see the first raindrops and how long it will last. i'm a cowboy. >> can you believe what happened in concord? yes, that's a camel. it had to be rounded up, and 8- foot tall camel that escaped twice. we'll tell you about it. well, the fire is out. but there are some traffic troubles in redwood city because of this fire on a major street. newschopper2 is there. we'll tell you more about what it is doing to the nearby commute. you can't move the tv there.
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welcome back. the story about a camel this morning in concord, it's safely back home but after escaping from its pen twice. it ran loose on bailey road yesterday afternoon. it took wranglers two hours to catch up with rudy the camel. a 10-year-old camel. it tied up traffic.
7:27 am
it was reportedly hit by a minivan. >> you got the call that the camel was out and it was your job to corral it, what were you thinking? >> you probably don't want to know that. [laughter] >> i don't know. it was different. just wanted dash it's one to put on my resume -- it's one of those things i want to put on my resume. >> they speculates the wire and enclosure was cut and rudy got out. a vet will be checking rudy out but the wrangler doesn't think the camel was hurt. >> pretty unusual traffic problem there. let's check in with sal and see what's happening around the bay area. there is a fire near third and williams in redwood city causing problems. >> yes, it has the fire department there. pg&e just showed up. it doesn't look like the fire was really -- it didn't destroy the building but it certainly did call a lot of fire units to the scene. third and williams, third in redwood city, it's a good area to avoid for the time being.
7:28 am
police have blocked off the streets nearby. you can't get through. that's the sheriff blocking off the streets. let's take a look at the commute at the toll plaza. that's a 15-minute delay. once you get on the bridge, another ten minutes into san francisco. just got a tweet from brandy rayhill. if you know her, tell her that southbound 680 is a mess because there's a crash. boys, if you can put the maps out there. southbound 680 at treat boulevard, there's a crash. that's why traffic is really bad from concord. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly clear. cold. we lose the cloud cover. temperatures are down a good 10 degrees. i just heard from william tweety in vallejo, he said 36. yesterday, 46. that seems to be the consensus, about 10 degrees. highs will be in the 50s and then we'll look to the north because it looks like we'll get some rain in here tomorrow. not a lot. just a little bit. clear, patchy fog. it will be sunny today. breezy nice. in between systems, there goes one from yesterday. had a lot of low clouds. the next system coming down from the north.
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i mean, temperatures here in the 30s and 40s. it will get even colder, especially friday night into saturday. just giving au little lead time. you will feel it. today, nice, in the sun, in the shade, maybe a little cool but we cloud it up tomorrow, bring in light rain and then much, much cooler. sunday looks pretty good. breezy. but lows back in the upper 20s. 7:27. boy, an 8.0 earthquake triggered a tsunami in the solomon islands. we have the latest information from the rescue crews and other countries have been affected. people have started coming by this memorial here in fairfield for a 13-year-old girl. we'll have their reaction. and whether it's bills or greeting cards, you will have one less day to have them delivered. we'll talk more about the big announcement by the u.s. postal service and have more reaction from bay area residents as "mornings on 2" continues. ao
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it is 7:30. as we've been reporting, big changes were just announced by the u.s. postal service this morning. the big news is an end to most saturday mail delivery. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores is out talking to people in oakland this morning about the proposed changes. what are people telling you, brian? >> reporter: good morning. people really are not too surprised about the news. the postal service has been touting this for months.
7:33 am
they've been making cuts on hours and certain jobs as well as raising postal rates. as kyla cam bet reported earlier, yes, they will be cutting saturday mail delivery but at the same time continue to deliver packages, male-order medicine and -- mail-order medicine and priority mail will still be delivered. package delivery has actually increased 14% since 2010. but despite that, the postal service says the cuts are essentially needed. it will save the agency, $2 billion. there was a press conference talking about that. but these changes won't take effect until august. we talked to some bay area residents. for the most part many say that saturday delivery won't affect them too bad but i also posed the question, could this be the end of the service? >> i don't think we'll see the end of it. it's just not gonna be what we're used to. you get a lot of advertising
7:34 am
out of it. they may have to change the way they do business. >> i think it's heading in that direction. my own opinion is that with the electronic devices, phones, everything has been done mostly electronically. i don't get as many bills anymore because of that, because i get, you know, just the waste of paper. >> reporter: and the postal service pretty much agrees that people nowadays are just using the internet e-mail to take care of these activities. some businesses are not happy. the greeting card association which includes hallmark and american greetings, they oppose the move, the fear was that it matrikle down to three or four- day a week of delivery service but has not gotten to that point. it will just be five days now for a mail delivery service that's expected to take place in august. coming up on "mornings on 2," we'll here more reaction from
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bay area residents about -- about this big change. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. police in fairfield will give us more details today about the strangling death of a 13-year-old girl. her body was found in a park last week. ktvu's cara lui is in fairfield right now. >> reporter: i talked to a couple of women. they've been here several times already in the last few days but today they were leaving candles and this angel. the two women also relit some of the candles here and wrote a message to the young victim, janelle renee, saying she would not be forgotten. police released photographs of the 13-year-old girl saying the image of the right was captured last thursday just minutes before she was last seen. janelle lived with a foster family in suisun city when she was reported missing.
7:36 am
her body was found friday morning naked here in the parking lot of allen wit park. this crime has sit hard for many. >> i have kids of my hone -- own. i am sure her family is having a hard time. 13 is so young. she just started her life. >> reporter: investigators have not confirmed how she died but family members say she was strangled. we're expecting an update from the police. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:34. one person is injured in a fire in san leandro. firefighters worked to put out the one-alarm fire on neptune drive. crews knocked it down about an hour ago. it started before 5:00 a.m. one person was transported to the hospital to be treated. authorities are still investigating how it started. 7:34. just hours ago, a san jose man was arrested, charged with stabbing his roommate. this happened in a park on
7:37 am
eller brook bay in south san jose. investigators say the men argued overnight. the victim was actually able to walk away and get help. he was taken to the hospital. he has nonlife-threatening injuries. that suspect was arrested. so far, we don't know the names of either men. three people are in jail this morning accused of firing shots from a stolen car while driving on a very busy oakland freeway. police pulled over a white audi on church street after getting reports of shots fired on 580 near kelller avenue. while they were arrests one person, the driver sped away. police finally stopped the car at foothill and 68th street and made two more arrests. investigators say that car was stolen from a local car dealership. 7:34. new this morning, this just in, the boy scouts of america have postponed a decision on whether to end a controversial policy
7:38 am
that bans gays. board members say more time is needed before taking a vote. the group announced last week that it is considering a proposal that would aim lou local troops to decide whether to include -- whether to include gay members. they plan to take action on the resolution at a national meeting in may. 7:36. at least five people are known to be dead including a 10-year- old boy after a magnitude 8 earthquake that caused a tsunami in the solomon islands. this happened late yesterday afternoon. police say most of the damage son the santa cruz islands. rescuers are still trying to reach three more villages. they say several are still missing. more than three dozen aftershocks have occurred since that first quake. that quake caused a small tsunami in japan. it hit earlier this morning. japan's weather agency says that wave was just a couple of inches tall. no warning was ever issued and
7:39 am
people were told they did not have to evacuate. back here at home, certain san francisco buildings being branded with a scarlett letter. we'll tell you about a new idea being considered and how this could affect landlords. 7:37. let's check in with sal and finded up what's happening in the east bay. >> all right. we are a starting there with 80 westbound. it's been busy getting to the taupe. we're looking at the macarthur -- to the toll plaza. we're looking at the macarthur maze. the toll plaza, about a 10, 15- minute delay. i do see a sign of improvement. when you look to the left and see that 880 is not that cruded that usually means we'll -- crowded, that usually means we'll see some in the 8:00. there were earlier crashes in
7:40 am
pleasant hill, they've been moved to the side but just enough to make the traffic slow. marin county traffic is busy. so is westbound 80 from pinole to richmond. the problem at devil's slide is gone. but you are behind schedule on highway 1 today. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very good morning. mostly clear. seems to be mostly burning out. a couple of -- yesterday was coastal fog. temperatures, good 10 degrees cooler this morning. guess what. really cold air is on the way. what? i know. but colder this morning. patchy fog, otherwise it will be sunny. a little breezy at times. cloudy tomorrow, rain develops, not a lot. i think about .500 to maybe .3. very cold air moves in. it will be windy. a little warmer sunday/monday. this pattern, looks like one and done on the rain. there are hints, there was a
7:41 am
viewer out there asking me are you seeing anything? there's a chance the polar jet and the branch jet could come together. we'll see. i think something will break. tomorrow we'll finally get some rain in here. today, though looks pretty good for sunshine. severe clear, as we say. concord, 37. 33 napa. i saw a 31 up in st. helena. santa rosa at 32. 38, san jose. livermore is in there. half moon bay, oakland, 41. yesterday they were both near 40. a big difference in the low 40s out towards richmond district san francisco. it's a cool one this morning. but it will be sunny and nice. temperatures upper 50s or very, very low 60s with a hint of patchy low clouds. tomorrow we cloud it up. some rain, not a lot. but the cold air i think will be the bigger story in the system. colder lows this morning. a billion breezy, it will be a nice day. 50s, 60s. nice in the sun.
7:42 am
cool in the shade. but temperatures really not that much of a difference. last couple of days we've seen a little bit of a spread between the coast and inland areas. today everybody will be close. tomorrow we'll cloud it up and bring in some rain. i think the heaviest will be to the north. then here comes the cold air, especially friday morning. saturday morning, looks very cold. windy, sunny, nice, warmer on sunday. >> all right. thank you. 20 minutes before 8:00. we're following developing news from denver, colorado. police are investigating a shooting right now that may have claimed the lives of two children. this is a live look at the scene. the area is blocked off now as police investigate. some denver media outlets are reporting that two children are dead and one other has been injured. their ages have not been released. there's no word yet on the situation with the shooter, whether that person is in captivity or not. we are following this situation. and we'll bring you more information as it becomes
7:43 am
available. it is 7:41. we are getting new images of the bunker at the center of that alabama hostage standoff. plus the troubling discovery authorities made after they raided it. are you suffering from facebook fatigue? why some people take a break from the social immediate work site and why they also -- network site and why they also come back. >2ñlñ@ e@
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7:45 am
the dow jones industrial average began the day near multi-year highs of a bouncing back yesterday from a triple- digit loss the day before.
7:46 am
aside from earns no major economic news is expected today. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down, 36, 13,942. the nasdaq down 11. s&p down 3. we just checked and zynga's stock is up almost 5%. it had been up almost 8% in premarket trading after beating expectations for the quarterly report. farmville, another online game, says it took in $261 million. that's almost $50 million more thane analysts reported. new research shows many americans suffer from what's called facebook fatigue. 61% of all u.s. facebook users have taken a break from the social network for several weeks. more than 20% of those account holders say they were simply too busy. another 10% decided it was a
7:47 am
waste of time. but the number of people actually quitting facebook is small since psychologists say that would be like leaving all of your friends. 7:45. san francisco police will be holding a news conference and tell us new details in the kevin collins case. pam pam cook's in the newsroom. you have new information and video? >> yes. kevin collins is the 10-year- old boy who vanished nearly 30 years. last night, we took pictures of police leaving the concord apartment where kevin collins' mother lives. investigators say they showed pictures to kevin's mother, his sisters and brother of the lead suspect in the case. now, he's dan ther leon who die -- dan therrien who died. they also showed the family what he looked like at the time back in 1984.
7:48 am
>> we started to open this case in the cold case unit saturday year' and we thought dash several years and we -- cold case unit several years ago and we thought we would take another look at it. >> two witnesses say they saw kevin talking with a man with a big black dog before he disappeared. an investigator told ktvu that therrien fit that description and had a black dog. he was interviewed by police just five days after kevin disappeared. he also lived a few feet from the bus stop on masonic avenue where kevin was last seen. we expect to get more information at a press conference held later this afternoon. we'll have more tonight at 5:00. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook, let's go back to tori and dave. 7:46. two bombs were found in alabama at that underground bunker where authorities rescued a kidnapped little boy who was held captive almost a week. the finn released these images -- the fbi released these images. authorities say one device was
7:49 am
found in the bunker. the other was in a plastic pipe negotiators were using to communicate with the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. reportedly, they used a camera to keep an eye on him. authorities went in with a gun. he was later killed in a firefight. the little boy held hostage turned 6 years old today. well-wishers signed this big birthday card for ethan. an online campaign has been raised, started to raise money to send the little boy and his family to disney world. 7:47. the city of san francisco is considering a plan that would crack down on certain landlords. supervisors say the proposal would require landlords of soft structure buildings to make them seismically safe. that's where most of the building sits on top of a garage. there are at least 3,000 of
7:50 am
these structures throughout the city. >> it will be a cost burden on owners but we're hoping that it provides a life safety mechanism for the tenants that are in place in the unit. >> the proposal would require soft structure bigs at least three -- bigs at least three stories high to be retrofitted by 2020. if not, the landlords face heavy fines. your time now, 7:48. some firefighters in milpitas will keep their jobs for the next couple of years. amid some tentative plans for layoffs. the milpitas city council heard public pleas not to lay off firefighters and decided last night they are not gonna go ahead with the plans. instead, a federal grant will pay for six firefighters to keep their jobs for two years. the city's fire department ran over budget for almost $500,000 in the first six months of the fiscal year. students and faculty in san
7:51 am
francisco will be meeting tonight. they are hoping to save their school. the school's in danger of losing acret dation if financial reforms are not made. administrators have to file a status report next month. staff and classes, they have already been cut. students and professors may be joining a coalition with labor leaders to plan protests. 7:49. 49er head coach jim harbaugh says the future of ail length smith will be de -- alex smith will be decided by the team, not the player. >> i don't think any player has those wishes granted. they are under contract. >> the last four plays are gonna get scrutinized for a long time, i'm sure. >> harbaugh was asked about a report that smith wanted the 49ers to release him so he could start for another team. harbaugh says he's friends with smith and likes the 49ers' current situation. the number of people who watched the super bowl online
7:52 am
jumped almost 50% this year. and cbs sports stream lined the game. 3million people watched the big game on tablets, laptops or other computers. that's up from 2.1 million who watched it online last year which was the first time the super bowl was streamed live. we got some numbers for the people who watched it on tv. it was 108.4 million people watched it on tv but that's the third most watched one watched. >> wow. we have some eye-popping video to show you of a truck dangling off a freeway overpass in florida. now, look at this. what kept that truck from falling to the highway below. oakland city council takes up a proposal that could change how much cab companies pay to operate inside city limits.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
rescue crews in florida worked to save two people stuck inside that truck dangling off the edge of a highway overpass after it crashed near fort lauderdale. the driver was rescued, rushed to a hospital but the second person was pinned in the truck. that person later died. three tow trucks were brought in to pull that truck back onto the overpass. well, today, federal and state investigators will start looking for answers to sunday's deadly tour bus crash in southern california. a bus coming back, returning to mexico from a ski resort rolled over on the san bernardino mountains and crashed into a car and pickup truck. seven people were killed. dozens more were hurt. today investigators will determine if bad brakes caused the bus driver to lose control. the bus hit almost two -- had almost two dozen safety violations in the past year. well, mitsubishi is launching a recall. more than 14,000 of its electric vehicles all over the
7:56 am
world are being recalled because of a possible brake problem. 1400 of those cars are here in the u.s. now, they say the va coupe pump could fail -- vacuum pump could fail. car dealers will replace the vacuum pump. they are all from the 2012 model year. 7:54. five companies have submitted bids to build the first section of california's high-speed rail system. the plans for high speed trains will mean a big contract for the winning bid. but the four losers will also receive about $2 million each to cover some of the costs of submitting a bid. critics say that's a bad way to spend public money. >> i think in the wake of the tax increase when people find out things like oh, we're giving away millions of dollars to the losers. you know, it just i rodes public trust.
7:57 am
>> but support -- it just erodes public trust. >> but supporters the opposite. a final decision on lowering the fees that cab companies pay to operate in oakland will not be made for a few more weeks. back in december, oakland city council gave preliminary approval to cut the cost of operating the medallions to about $5 million. cab companies say that's just too high in a weak economy. but there are three new city council members and they want more time to study the issue. all right, tori. if you have to drive to the toll plaza, sal says getting better out there. >> yeah. there's improvement there, dave. just even from the last 20 minutes ago. we checked and it was backed up for about a 20-minute delay. we're down to maybe an eight- minute delay. just as i suspected, it was going to clear up from years of doing this. you kind of see the signs. we were right this time. no problems onto the upper deck
7:58 am
of the bay bridge once you make it there. the traffic is looking pretty good on 880 although it's getting slow as you drive through on 880 northbound as you drive up. northbound 880 at hesperian, there was an earlier noninjury crash. i'm just looking at the traffic list here. there is not a lot going on when it comes to ate ate 0 traffic northbound -- 880 traffic northbound into oakland. we have a little bit of traffic getting from half moon bay to pacifica because of earlier issues. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly clear. colder this morning. some ice reports, melissa up in rohnert park said ice on the windshield. low 40s. i saw 40 on potrero hill. forest hill at 40. not cold, cold. but it is kind of chilly out there. it's going to get cold, cold late friday, saturday. there's very cold air on the way. today you, sunny. one system moves off. the next one is poised to move
7:59 am
in tomorrow. it's churning in the gulf of alaska. it doesn't have a lot of rain with it. it is even cold this morning. a good 10-degree drop compared to yesterday when we had the big fog bank. now that that is gone. clearing temperatures to drop but it will be sunny and nice. upper 50s, very, very low 60s. tomorrow we cloud it up, bring in light rain. first rain since january 23rd. we've only had three rain days this year. we could use a lot more. your weekend looks good, sunnywise but it's not going to be very warm. 7:57. tragic scene is unfolding in denver at this hour. we'll have the latest on the shooting that's reportedly claimed the lives of some very young victims. >> reporter: deputies remain on scene of a triple homicide investigation. we'll tell you what's been happening in the last hour and what we've learned about what happened. >> reporter: we're talking to palo alto police this morning about a scary own counter for a
8:00 am
young girl riding her bike. a man grabs her arm. we'll tell you how police are responding to this incident when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:01 am
breaking news in emeryville
8:02 am
where newschopper2 is over police activity in a building reportedly owned by the university of california. it could be some sort of a lab facility. we have seen the evacuation grow. emery ville police and fire are on the scene. there are reports they are looking into a suspicious package but we're trying to confirm that. what we know for sure is newschopper2 is over this area on hollis street in emeryville. as we back up, you can see the closure has grown. stay with ktvu. we're trying to find out more about what has prompted this investigation. but it looks pretty widespread here in the city of emeryville. it's 8:00. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal. we're also following developing news from denver, calm. police say at least two children are among three people killed in a home. a third child was reportedly hurt and rushed to a hospital. we don't know the ages. we have no information about the shooter. you can see the picture have blocked off this neighborhood as the investigation goes on as we speak.
8:03 am
we're following all of this. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as it comes in from denver, colorado. we also now have more coverage of a deadly crime in west sonoma county. sheriff's deputies still at the scene of a triple homicide. ktvu's claudine wong has been out there since 4:30 this morning. she's back now. so claw deep, what are the deputies telling you so far this -- claudine, what are the deputies telling you so far this morning? >> reporter: it's been quiet. pat hour we've seen the changing of the guard. you can see the two latest to arrive to be parked right down in this crime scene area. their mission, they told me, was simply to take muir no one comes in or out of here while this investigation continues. from our vantage point, we wanted to show you a look at the area. you can see this paved road turns into kind of a dirt road and the house that this all happened in kind of behind those trees. a little tough to see. we can see two other vehicles parked in front of that home, too. we do not know if they belong
8:04 am
to the victims. three people found dead inside the home. this all started yesterday afternoon. let me tell you what we do know -- police confirmed that yesterday a man and his girlfriend were trying to track down the man's brother. they tried to get ahold of him on the phone for four hours. couldn't get ahold of him. he and his girlfriend came here. that's when they found the bodies. his brother along with two other men or male victims found all in a bedroom back bedroom of this home, shot to death. the coroner was supposed to be out here overnight. we're not sure if he arrived on scene or not. but certainly, this has been very difficult for neighbors in the area. >> the unknowing is unnerving. i don't know what's going on. >> has there ever been any disturbances out here? >> this is a wonderful place. this is a wonderful place. >> reporter: from newschopper2, you can get a better look at this area which is just about five miles from sebastopol.
8:05 am
it's near forest hill and rural mona county where all of this happened. as -- sonoma county where all of this happened. as you heard from the neighbor, nothing like this has happened. police would not say if there were drugs involved. it's too early in the investigation. when our crew left last night, they said they would be gathering evidence last night and the coroner would come in the morning. we're told by one deputy that he thought the coroner might have been here already. but we've not been able to confirm that. we have call into multiple sources trying to get more information for you. at this point, all is quiet, the mobile command unit is still on scene. so we expect it could be a long day of evidence gathering out here. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 8:03. palo alto police are searching for a man who tried to abduct a young girl. she was riding her back on a -- on the 1600 block of emmerson street. alex savidge is live in palo alto with the police sketch of the suspect. good morning, alex.
8:06 am
>> reporter: good morning. ill just got an update from the lieutenant from palo alto police. officers are continuing to search for this man involved in a frightening encounter. he apparently approached an 11- year-old girl riding her bike along emmerson street in palo alto. police say this man went up and branned the girl's arm shoes --ed the girl's arm as -- grabbed the girl's arm as she rode past her. he yelled out he was going to kidnap her. this is the sketch the police are looking for. he's a white man, 5'9" to 6 feet tall, 140 to 160 pounds. now, this all happened on monday, just about 5:30. that girl screamed and she was able to pedal faster and get away from this man unhurt. but the man didn't chase her. she went home, told her parents what happened, and they called police. i talked with the lieutenant from the police and he tells me at this point, investigators don't know if the man intended to abduct the girl but they do
8:07 am
want to find out what his motive was. >> as a police department, we're very concerned any time something like this happens involving the community. our children are most valuable resource and we want to do everything we can to protect them. what's troubling, we don't know this man's motivation, his behavior is very strange, very concerning. >> reporter: what worries police most is his erratic behavior. obviously, there is a concern for other kids in this area. we've seen quite a few kids. a lot of kids lieding their bike through -- riding their bike throughout this neighborhood. in response to what happened to this young girl, police are stepping up patrols here. i'm told they will have both marked and unmarked patrol cars doing patrols in this area. if you recognize the man depicted in the sketch, put in a call to palo alto police. live this morning in palo alto,
8:08 am
alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. city officials in concord are expected to talk about a citywide ban on marijuana growth. some residents have complained about the smell and are worried this will attract criminals to their neighborhood. the proposed ban will be taken to the plan commission. the city council has the final say. critics of the ban say if necessary they will fight the ban in court. let's go to sal. breaking news from emeryville. you have the chopper working, too. >> that's right. we do have the chopper working in emeryville. there's police activity here and we're hearing reports that it's some sort of suspicious device that was found. we do have a lot of police activity. not only emeryville police, emeryville fire department and the department of homeland security in this area on hollis street in emeryville. our newschopper2 is looking at the area. now, the evacuation area is
8:09 am
quite wide. in fact, it's somewhat near doyle hollis park, 62nd and hollis street, in this area. if you know it, it's a good area to stay away from. it's about three, four blocks away from san pablo avenue, which is not affected by this. cute has a grew on the way -- ktvu has a crew on the way. a pretty wide evacuation area in emeryville. let's go out to some traffic pictures now. bay bridge has improved. you can see it's about pan eight-minute delay. maybe less than that now. there are no major problems as you get on the bridge in san francisco. and if you are driving on the peninsula, we've had some slow traffic on 101 heading south to san mateo. we've been looking at antioch to concord. that traffic is slow. look at the drive between concord and walnut creek. because of earlier problems, it's slow. it's very slow. some might even use the word atrocious heading south. 8:07. let's go to steve. >> on a good day, it can be
8:10 am
atrocious. >> yes. >> today it is super-atrocious. we have a nice day, we could get some rain in here tomorrow. we could use some more rain. tomorrow will be our fourth day of rain this year. cold. a lot of the 30s showing up. coast, bay, inland. that good, 10, 12 degrees compared to yesterday. just some patchy fog, cloudy tomorrow, rain develops, not a cold. the bigger store is the cold air starting to dive in friday into late friday and then saturday morning. the system is up here. a lot of sunshine, severe clear as we say. temperatures, a little bit of a northwest breeze. even though it's sunny, it won't be that warm. 30s and 40s on the temperatures here. everybody much, much colder. yesterday, we had the low clouds, coastal clouds, we had the higher clouds. that's gone. there go -- gone in the picture like that. today looks good. a lot of sunshine but again, it's kind of a -- we've had a break from that really cole air -- from that really cold air
8:11 am
about three, four weeks ago. today looks good. tomorrow we'll get some rain. i think the heaviest amounts will be to the north. sunny, nice. a little breezy. 50s, 60s. even though the coast is clear, we have to deal with the northwest breeze. 50s again for very low 60s. the temperatures then will struggle to reach these levels probably by the time we get to friday and saturday. tomorrow, tom rain moves in and then the cold air plunges -- some rain moves in and then the cold air plunges. in. sunday looks better, monday will be warm. 8:09. there have been several recent deaths and dangerous rescues along northern california beaches. that's the reason for the beach safety news conference this morning at 10:00 in half moon bay. the coast guard, national health service will be telling residents about dangerous beach
8:12 am
areas, how to swim out of a rip current and what to do if your dog swam out to sea. the monopoly board game is changing a little bit. hasbro decided to change the tokens used to represent the players on the board. it happen help -- it helped fans to help. scottie dog believed the most popular. now it will have a new rival, a cat that earned 31% of the total vote. the iron was voted out of the game. versions of monopoly with a new token come out later this year. a husband and wife from arkansas are celebrating this morning after winning the lottery, not once, but twice in the same weekend. >> i scratched it off and it said 1 mil. that didn't register with me. i was looking for a -- i stared at it there. made sure everything was right and i realized that was 1
8:13 am
million. >> yeah, steve weaver won his first million on a scratcher he bought over the weekend. feeling lucky, steve's wife terry purchased another ticket the next day and that, too, turned out to be a winner. >> i looked a the bottom of the -- i looked at the bottom of the 13 and it was $50,000. >> they plan to pay bills with their winnings and raise the rest. disney just bought the entire george lucas movie empire. disney is planning new movies based on "star wars" characters that are not part of the main storyline. those movies will have scripts that stand on their own. they are not part of the trainal trilogy. j.j. abrams will direct the first movie. the first movie scheduled to be in 2017. we continue to follow breaking news out of emeryville
8:14 am
as a bomb threat is prompting a wide area of evacuations. also, big changes coming to your mail delivery. the cutbacks announced by the u.s. postal service this morning. and celebrities on capitol hill this morning. what they want congress to do. ] the best thing about this bar
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♪ green giant by continue with our breaking news in emeryville. our newschopper2 is over a bomb threat of a building that apparently has some offices rented by the lawrence berkeley
8:17 am
lab. right here on hollis street near 61st pretty wide evacuation. we've watched the emeryville police department joined by homeland security and uc berkeley police here because of the university connection. we saw some people standing outside the closure. we've also seen a command post set up. this is 61st and hollis. we've seen the fire department is on the scene. this is a bomb threat first received at about 7:00 this morning. two-level office -- a multi- level office building with two of the floors apparently rented by the lawrence berkeley lab. stay with ktvu. one of our reporters is arriving on the scene and we'll have more details straight ahead. new this morning, the postmaster general said the u.s. postal service will cut some saturday delivery services starting this summer. not surprisingly, the head of the letter carriers's union
8:18 am
says it's a disastrous idea. kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the job cuts that go along with the proposed changes. >> reporter: by not delivering the first-class mail on saturdays this summer, the postmaster general says the post service could eliminate more than 20,000 jobs. he said nobody should be worried about the economic impact because they believe they can trim the work force through attrition and retirement, not layoffs. starting the week of august 5th, the u.s. postal service plans to stop delivering first- class mail only packages, mail order medicine and express and priority mail would be delivered. the big question, does the u.s. postal service need congressional approval. in the past, congress argued the approval was required but the postmaster general says that's no longer the case. he says the way congress governs the postal service expires march 27th. he says making these cuts makes sense. they would save $2 billion a year and they are getting a lot
8:19 am
of customer support. >> i think we've done a lot of legwork with customers on this subject and i think -- i've seen surveys that it's 80% and higher where customers have said move away. >> he's expecting a big fight from the unions and from some members of congress. but he says they can make any cuts to the work force through retirement and attrition. he believes they can do so by improving healthcare and retirement benefits. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. coming up at 8:45, ktvu's brian flores is out talking to people in the bay area this morning about what they think of the postal services' proposed changes. 8:17. later today, vice president joe biden will administer the oath of office to john kerry in a ceremonial swearing in. kerry was officially sworn in on friday. he's been working in his new job since monday.
8:20 am
kerry told state department employees he's making security of american diplomats around the world a priority. that comes after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya and last friday's suicide bombing outside of the american embassy in turkey. well, same-sex spouses could soon be granted some benefits. leon panetta is expected to make a big announcement about that this week. the pentagon reportedly has been reviewing what benefits it would extend without violating the defensive marriage act. the benefits that could legally be extended include military housing. president obama will try to get support today from senate democrats for his second-term agenda. the president is meeting with democratic senators at their annual retreat in annapolis, maryland. president obama will press the senators to present a unified front on immigration control, gun control and -- immigration
8:21 am
reform, gun control. several celebrities are among those on capitol hill right now joining the debate over gun control. >> our congress is holding in their hands the power to save lives right now. all they have to do is pass the sensible legislation president obama has recommended. >> comedian chris rock, toniette and amanda peat are -- boneny bennett and amanda peat are among those calling on the background check for guns. redwood police have new plans to tighten security at schools. they include daily visits by officers to elementary school campuses. the department plans to hold a full-scale emergency drill that would simulate a shooter on campus. the police department will present its safety plan at the upcoming school board meeting
8:22 am
one week from today. 8:20. one of the strangest stories around. would you believe a camel running down the street in concord. how that 8-foot taught camel may have es-- tall camel may have escaped, twice. and steve pawlson will -- steve paulson will tell us when the rain will arrive. and there's breaking news in emeryville, where there's been an evacuation. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
welcome back. those great white sharks are closer now to being placed on the endangered species list. the state fish and game commission says there are now less than 400 great white sharks between mexico, hawaii and alaska. now, that could hurt the ecosystem of the oaks. in addition to the state endangered list, the great white shark may also be added to the federal list as w. a camel that twice escaped will be examined by a vet today. he ran loose on bailey road yesterday afternoon. it took a cowboy crew two hours last night to coax 10-year-old rudy back into a trailer. it had disrupted traffic on the road and was reportedly hit by a minivan. rudy escaped from its pen in
8:26 am
the afternoon, was rounded up and then broke loose again in the evening. >> i don't understand camel lingo, i guess. i've never been around them. i don't have any idea. cowboys, bulls or anything else, no problem. but they are stubborn. >> the wrangler speculates that metal thieves looking for copper may have put the wire enclosure, allowing the capel to escape -- camel to escape. rudy was not injured but pretty tired, the wrangler says. let's go back to sal. what's the latest on that bomb threat in emeryville? >> well, dave, this evacuation, we've watched it grow. people have been evacuated from this wide complex of buildings. we've also watched more people show up in the way of police and fire department, also law enforcement in emeryville near 61st and hollis street. we do know that the building is somehow connected to the lawrence berkeley lab. it's said that they rent space in this building at least two floors are the lawrence berkeley lab.
8:27 am
ktvu reporter brian flores has just arrived on the scene. i just saw his signal come up. he will be up with a live all right from the ground there with more details straight ahead. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. nice delay time. this delay time is about five minutes before you make it on the bridge itself which is very good. we've had a terrible commute in pleasant hill, walnut creek, it is improving a little bit. but from concord to walnut creek, very slow traffic. and 80 itself from pinole to richmond is super-thick. . let's go to steve. >> a cold morning. we have a lot of 30s. yesterday we had the cloud cover, most of that is gone. there's fog out in the valley. most of this has burned out. just some patchy low clouds left. one system moves off to the right. the next one is coming down from the gulf of alaska. it has a lot of cold air with it and a little bit of rain. 30s or 40s.
8:28 am
temperatures, again, really dropped off this morning. but they are going to get even colder late friday into saturday. today, though, looks good. sunshine, cool to mild. 50s mainly. a few 60s. tomorrow we'll get a little bit of rain, more to the north than anywhere else. here comes the blast of cold air on friday. it will settle in. the weekend looks sunny. great visibility, not very warm. very cold mornings, dave. you just heard sal a minute ago. our news crew just arrived at the scene of this breaking news story from emeryville. it's a bomb threat. people are being evacuated at an emeryville office building. how that building is tied to the university of dale. of-- university of california. and deputies remain on the scene in rural sonoma where three people were found dead inside a home. we'll tell you more about what we've learned happen. >> reporter: and a memorial for a 13-year-old girl continues to grow here in fairfield.
8:29 am
"mornings on 2" continues. ♪
8:30 am
♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪
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the fiat 500 abarth cabrio. ♪ breaking news. this is out of emeryville. there is a confirmed bomb threat at hollis and 61st street. ktvu's brian flores, brian, you just got there and you are at the area where the police and homeland security have evacuated an office building. what else do you know? >> reporter: that's right, dave. we are here on 61st and hollis street. go ahead and tata a look. emeryville police, homeland security as well as uc berkeley police are here. they've kind of cordoned off the block area. that's hollis street where police have cordoned off. they've also cordoned off
8:32 am
peladue as well as 61 street. this was the building -- 61 street. this was the building that was evacuated. we understand uc berkeley owns a couple of floors there, the lawrenceville berkeley lab. there was a confirmed bomb threat. there have been people that have been evacuated. still unconfirmed how many people have been evacuated. this is horton street where people are waiting, kind of hearing what is the latest. confirmed bomb threat perhaps in a lab facility still trying to confirm some information. but there have been evacuations here at this building, a couple of floors that is owned by the uc berkeley campus. we have sergeant fred dower here as well. if we can get him to come over here. stand by, guys. we'll quick. he's gonna provide more information for us. sergeant. >> thank you for joining us
8:33 am
here today -- sergeant, thank you for joining us. give us the latest about what you know. >> right now, what we have a bomb threat was received at one of the uc berkeley affiliated laboratories here in the building. as a precaution, they've evacuated a portion of the building. uc berkeley is coordinating with a number of other agencies to bring in bomb-sniffing dogs and they are checking the perimeter of the building right now and they will begin a search of the building itself. >> reporter: what time was the bomb threat reported in and how many people have been evacuated? >> i don't have the number of people evacuated. there are 6200 employees in the building itself. we received the call this morning at about 7:02 this morning. >> reporter: what did the threat say? i can't give you the specifics of the -- >> i can't give you the specifics of the threat itself. >> reporter: we talked about 61st and whom list. but can you specifically talk about the areas cordoned? >> powell and whom list street, powell and -- hollis street,
8:34 am
poladue, 61st and hollis and actually this intersection going eastbound towards oakland. >> reporter: this is an office building, if i'm mott mistaken. uc berkeley owns two floors of it. >> yeah, they have facilities on two floors. >> reporter: is it a lab of some kind or office space? >> it's part of lawrence lab. >> reporter: were there students inside? i'm assume anything were evacuated. >> i don't have the number of people or who was evacuately evacuated. >> reporter: we just got done talking with sergeant fred dower here. as soon as we have more information we'll pass it along. for now i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. we now shift to our continuing coverage of a deadly crime in west sonoma county. sheriff deputies are still on the scene of a triple homicide. they found the bodies of three men inside a small home in forestville. claudine wong joins us from outside the home to let us know
8:35 am
what police have revealed so far. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. lift let -- first let me give you a look at the scene. this is the driveway that leads into the home. it's a single lane road that gets us here. it goes from asphalt to dirt. you can see the two sheriff deputies parked here. they got here within the last 90 minutes. and basically, replaced deputies on scene all night long keeping an on eye on -- keeping an on eye the -- an eye on the situation. you can see the front part of it back there, the chimney. we're told it's not a very big home and the bodies were found in the back bedroom. this all started yesterday afternoon. police said that the brother of one of the victims had been trying to get ahold of him for several hours, could not get ahold of him. ended up here we're told that one of the three victims had actually some kind of association to this home. but none of the three victims lived here. we don't know a possible motive
8:36 am
for this. we don't know if there were any witnesses. we don't know when these three people were possibly killed. police were not releasing a lot of information. they did tell us, however, that they do not believe this was a random crime. >> there did not appear to be a struggle and this died of gunshot wounds. >> kind of execution style? >> i'm not gonna discuss that. >> murder-suicide? >> it's not a murder-suicide. >> reporter: that's what we know, it was not. but we don't know exactly what it is. you are taking a look at the area. this area is about five miles from sebastopol near forestville. not a lot of neighbors out here to maybe have witnessed the comings and goings. it's a one-lane road. you can see the house in question right in front of that home. you see the sheriff's car and the deputy getting out. there are two other cars also
8:37 am
situated in that driveway area. we're not sure if those block to the victims. certainly, police told us they would spend the night collecting evidence. they also expected the coroner to be out here. late last night, they said the plan was to have the coroner arrive today. deputies -- we got some conflicting reports about what's happening there. but certainly this is just, just getting underway here. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 8:35. well, today fairfield police are expected to release more details about the unsolved killing of a 13-year-old girl. ktvu's car a lui is live -- kara liu. you just spoke to someone who knows the victim. >> reporter: i did. she wanted to drop off the teddy bear. sea side that janelle conway was talkative. she -- she said that janelle
8:38 am
conway was talkative. she also took a school bus to and from school. several have been by to leave candles and messages since sun up today. police released photos of the 13-year-old girl saying the image of the right was captured in fairfield minutes before she was last seen on thursday. janelle lived with a foster family and was reported missing early thursday morning. her naked body was found here in the parking lot of allan witt park. this crime has hit a nerve for many in the community. >> we just think it's a tragedy and it's sad. we don't need this kind of stuff in our -- in our neighborhoods. >> that shouldn't happen to a 13-year-old or anybody else. >> reporter: so far, investigators have not confirmed how janelle died but family member says she was strangled. we are expecting an update on the investigation a little later on today. we're live in fairfield.
8:39 am
cara lui, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police hope you can identify a burglary suspect photographed by a home surveillance camera. take a look at this. now, you can see the man sneaking into a house. this is near at&t park. two weeks ago. he went through the back door of a home on third street. he stole three mac book computers, stole some cash and an antique tool chest. 8:37. in even in defeat mark jackson shows the team is no pushover. he instructed his players to intentionally foul the houston rockets at the end of last night's game. he did not want the rockets to break the nba's single game record for three-point baskets. jeremy lin made five three- pointers. the rockets did tie the record with 23 trouncing the warriors, 140-109. the warriors have a tough game playing in oklahoma city who
8:40 am
have won 14 straight games. jim harbaugh hopes golf will take some of the sting away from the super bowl loss. he's playing at the pebble beach round. practice rounds began about an hour ago. yesterday giants' players beat the 49ersers players in a charity -- 49ers' players in a charity benefit. and nancy pelosi went on the house floor to congratulate both the 49ers and the baltimore ravens. >> while it was hard to lose to the ravens, it would have been hard to lose to someone else, if someone had to beat the 49ers. >> nancy pelosi was conflicted over the super bowl. she rooted toker her home town, san francisco -- for her hometown, san francisco. while bay area and politicians
8:41 am
have friendly wagers, nancy pelosi said she would never bet against baltimore. >> very interesting. >> kind of hard to watch that. >> yes. let's go back to sal. get you moving. >> can i look at the tv again? i didn't want to see that. >> i know. i'm trying to avoid the ravens celebrating. [laughter] we're looking at the toll plaza here. it's improved quite a bit. you can look at your tv again. there's only a little bit of a delay. that's about a five-minute delay. metering lights are on. pretty soon, they should be switched off. it's light getting into san francisco. we're also looking at the san mateo bridge in case you are driving from the peninsula to hayward. but in hayward there's slow traffic. we look at the traffic times between 238 and mowry avenue. that's 30 minutes kind of a thick one, just like yesterday. remember, when there's no traffic, it's like 14, maybe -- maybe 12 minutes. then across the bay we're
8:42 am
looking at the commute between san bruno. sal we have mostly clear skies. colder on the 30s. coast, bay, inland. low 40s in san francisco. we lost the low-income. some patchy fog -- we lost the fog. search pamy -- some patchy fog. the system is coming straight down but it's the colder air coming in on friday that i think you'll go oh, my gosh we're back in that pattern. it will last for only a day or two. colder a lot of 30s here this morning. we had 39 in oakmont. i know sent helena, calistoga, around 31, 32. these temperatures will be about ten degrees colder in wind-protected areas on saturday morning. our cloud/rain forecast, nothing today. everything's good.
8:43 am
increasing clouds come in tomorrow morning and then rain starts in the morning, north bay. that will be about 8:00 a.m. timing will be a little different. that's the first part of the system. the second part will be the colder unstable air or the area of low pressure with it. that brings in the colder, unstable air. maybe some snow up in the sierra nevada. for us it will be hit and miss showers. we clear it out. but that's all of the cold air. don't let that cool you. it will be nice on saturday. we had colder lows. it will be a sunny day. 60s on the temperatures for a few. a lot of mid- to upper 50s. not too much of a difference here on the temperatures. i mean, everyone will be within a range or 5 degrees of each other. half moon bay, 55. 56 in san francisco. tomorrow, clouds with some rain, about a quarter of an inch to .50 at best. then colder, showers on friday, and then saturday and sunday. sunny but breezy and very cold. okay, steve. >> we have new information, a story we've been following for
8:44 am
the last hour. a deadly shooting in denver. look at the pictures. what we've learned about the young victims. p. a money battle in one bay area city and how it's raising concerns about public safety. ] the best thing about this bar
8:45 am
it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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8:47 am
stocks, just slightly lower on wall street right now as the latest round of earnings report failing to give investors an impetus to push the rally forward. also concern of the political situation in italy and spain prompts a renewed bout of jitters for the global economy. taking a live looking a the big board, the dow is down currently 8. the nasdaq is down 1. s&p also down 1. 8:45. top stories -- police in emeryville and homeland security are at the scene of a bomb threat in emeryville. we've been talking about this. these are live pictures from newschopper2. we just found out that bomb- sniffing dogs have been brought in. they are gonna search a building that's been evacuated. now, ktvu's brian flores has been at the scene. he's on the ground. he's pulling together the latest information. brian will have a live update in just a couple of minutes. police in palo alto released this sketch. it's of a man who tried to kidnap an 11-year-old girl on
8:48 am
monday. the girl was riding her bike when the stranger went up to her, yelled at her and grabbed her arm. she was able to break away and called for help. this morning, the u.s. postal service announced it plans to end saturday mail delivery in august to save money. under the proposed changes, the postal service will still deliver packages on saturday but not letters. now, this morning, ktvu's brian flores talked to people about how this will affect their lives. >> saturday -- saturday is the one day i can get to the postal service and the one day that i would, you know, have time to look through letters an -- and things. >> the cutback is expected to start in august. post offices right now open on saturday. those would remain open on saturdays. it isle a -- it is 8:46. a los angeles area postal worker is on unpaid leave after
8:49 am
allegedly choking an 11-year- old girl. the child says the attack happened in a park restroom. she says the worker started to choke at her after she laughed at him for inadvertently inner -- enter, the woman's restroom. the letter carrier was on duty when he allegedly went after the girl. we're learning new details about a deadly shooting in denver, colorado. police say two children and a woman were found dead inside a home this morning. a third child was wounded and is reportedly in critical condition. all three children are believed to be under 11 years old. it appears the shooter is among the dead because police say there's no indication that a suspect is on the loose. investigators are waiting on a warrant to re-enter the home. a man shot in san francisco's tenderloin is recovering this morning. the shooting happened about 8:00 last night. police say the man was about 37 years old, he was shot several times. he was rushed to a hospital.
8:50 am
he is connected to survive. still no word yet on a suspect or a possible motive. san jose police have opened new contract talks with the city. they want pay raises of 16% over the next three years. that would include restoring the 10% pay cuts those officers had accepted to limit layoffs. the city said they would support modest pay raises. the pay hike request comes in the middle of growing concern about rising crime and a shrinking police force in san jose. 8:48. the santa clara county district attorney's office plans to request a continuance at this morning's hearing for the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. 21-year-old antolin garcia- torres was expected to enter a plea but the regular prosecutor is unable to attend the hearing. authorities say antolin garcia- torres's dna was found on clothing belonging to the 15- year-old girl who vanished last
8:51 am
march on her way to school. he's also accused of trying to carjack and kidnap three women from grocery store parking lots in morgan hill back in 2009. the search goes on this morning after a tsunami hit the solomon islands. it hit yesterday afternoon following a magny today 8 -- magnitude 8-point quake. it triggered tsunamis in fiji, new zealand hand australia. in fiji, the sirens went off and sent hundreds of people heading to higher ground to get away from the coast. no taj has been reported and now -- damage has been reported and now the focus is on helping those in the solomon islands several low-lying villages on the island of santa cruz in the south pacific are believed to have had the most damage. that's where rescue crews will be focusing their efforts. we have to show you this new video we just got in a
8:52 am
little while ago. look at et waves out there surging on the solomon islands. -- look at the waves out there surging on the solomon islands. five people are known to be dead, including a 10-year-old boy. ten minutes before 9:00. home values are increasing in the north bay. a new report shows the seams prices of homes in sonoma county increased more than 16% in 2012. this according to core logic. that's up more than any time in the last seven years. it's double the national average of 8.3%. the rise in value could mean fewer homeowners remain under water so they can avoid nearbies by refinancing and getting -- foreclosures by refinancing and getting lower monthly payments. the rebound in a technology sector helped. 42,000 new jobs were created last year in the silicon valley
8:53 am
which for this report was defined as share and san mateo counties as well as -- santa clara and san mateo counties. that's almost half of the jobs created for the bay area. san francisco created 18,000 jobs. 8:51. well, southwest airlines and airtran airlines are cutting prices. but only for a couple of days. if you are argue -- you are a bargain hunter, you can find short-term flights for less than $50. that includes trips to las vegas or san diego. flights longer than 1500, are $150 one day. there are restrictions. the flights have to happen between april 3rd and -- april 3rd and june 8th with some blackout dates including sundays and you only have about 40 hours from now to make a reservation. there is a new uc berkeley study that saysesome of the signs of aging may be connected
8:54 am
-- that says some of the signs of aging may be connected to the way you sleep. one, the quality of your sleep. memory problems and brain atrophy are two others. researchers say age-related brain deterioratation clearly contributes to bad sleep and that could lead to problems with your memory. now the scientists want to know if those are related to teenagers as well. >> they need a lot of sleep. 8:52. right now police and home security are on the scene of a bomb threat in emeryville. who is being brought in to search the building. a little bit of slow traffic, there are some slow spots. i will give you another rundown on the morning commute -- just minutes ahead. jwwñ
8:55 am
8:56 am
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8:55. we aren 0 the scene of breaking news in emeryville right now, where a bomb threat has prompted the evacuation of an office building. right now, the area around hollis and 61st streets is shut down. brian flores just spoke with police and joins us live with the next step they are taking. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, tori. still a very fluid situation. currently we're on 58th and horton street. a very fluid situation. corners of 58th and hourtop and peladue and hollis are all
8:58 am
cordoned off. several agencies are here as well. emeryville police as well as uc berkeley police. you are taking a look at the building that was targeted here at one of the uc berkeley labs. we understand that emeryville and uc berkeley police are on scene and they are using at least five or six bomb-sniffing dogs on this confirmed bomb threat. we just got done talking with emeryville police. several people were evacuated. they received a call around 7:00 this morning. others confirmed the bomb threat at one of the labs here. uc berkeley rents out a couple of floors here. it's run by the lawrence livermore berkeley labs. we just didn't done talking with police. here's what they say on the situation. >> we have a bomb threat received at one of the uc berkeley affiliated laboratories here in the building. as a precaution, they've evacuated a portion of the building. uc berkeley is coordinating with a number of other agents
8:59 am
to bring in bomb-sniffing dogs and they are checking the perimeter of the building and will begin a search of the building itself. >> no details on how that bomb threat was delivered. as soon as we have more information. we'll definitely pass that along and have more information on as well as the news at noon. but for more on how this situation is affecting traffic, let's go to sal castanedo back in the newsroom. >> the traffic is limited to the area you are near the park there. 61st and hollis street. newschopper2 taking a live look at the area. certainly an area to avoid. but it's not affecting san pablo avenue. quickly, let's go to the other traffic pictures. bay bridge has improved. on the peninsula, traffic on 101 is slow in san mateo. let's go to steve. >> sunny today, clouds roll in tomorrow, rain, we'll get cold air on friday. but breezy and cool. >> all right, steve. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting the news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join us for the news at


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